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Pepper (Customer Since 1999)

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Nathan & Casey (Customer Since 2002)

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Sophie & Claira (Customers Since 2004)

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Lucy & Lilly (Customers Since 2007)

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Miko, Patchy, & Tazzy (Customers Since 2006)

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Earl (Customer Since 2007)

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Zena (Customer Since 1998)

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Chula (Customer Since 2002)


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Jack, Baron, Rocko & Lucky (Customers Since 2007)

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Glot (Customer Since 2007)

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Sedona & Tilly (Customers Since 1998)

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Max, Lulu & Introducing Oliver! (Customers Since 2004)

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Hershey & Bugs (A special thank you to Mark for posing them! Customer Since 2005)

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Otis (Customer Since 2004)

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Casey & Lucy (Customers Since 2005)

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20083103_100_0165.JPG (804852 bytes)20083103_100_0170.JPG (1134856 bytes)20083103_100_0169.JPG (898904 bytes)

Cooper, Chloe & Gordon (Customers Since 2006)

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Oscar (Customer Since 2004)

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Tex (Customer Since 2005)

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Molly (Customer Since 2003)

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Pauline - Another Newbie!! Sophie and Claire's new little sister (Customers Since 2004)

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Pretzel & Twix (Customers Since 2007)

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CJ & Honey (Customers Since 2005)

12272007P1010008.JPG (629481 bytes)12272007P1010010.JPG (672044 bytes)12272007P1010011.JPG (605726 bytes)

Bogart - Proud winner of the Longest Ears Contest! (Customer Since 2002)

20080106_P1010022.JPG (725056 bytes)20080106_P1010028.JPG (689016 bytes)20080106_P1010027.JPG (656644 bytes)20080106_p1010023.jpg (665016 bytes)20080106_P1010024.JPG (731355 bytes)20080106_P1010026.JPG (746868 bytes)

Bentley, Sparky & Boomer (Customers Since 2007)

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Raleigh - In Loving Memory of Oliver (Customer Since 2005)

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Bailey & Boomer - In Loving Memory of Jake (Customers Since 2002)

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Comet & Rocket - In Loving Memory of Sunny (Customers Since 2005)


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Tessa & Sadie (Customers Since 2009)



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